From Gabe at MacDrifter about the Clinkle CEO:

This bit totally sounds like Brett Terpstra:

At one point, multiple sources say, Duplan considered installing a motion detector system on his desk, so he could wave his hand rather than call out to his assistant to let her know he needed something. A source close to the company denies this.

Me? Actually, it really does, except I set up the system so that my wife can summon me from the basement without yelling across floors. It’s kind of the opposite, really. Like he’s a miscreant doppelgänger.

So there, Weatherhead. I took your remark out of context and produced a retort incorporating several multi-syllable words and some German. I think I’m procrastinating on stuff I need to do today…

As a random aside, you can still get Marked 2 for 25% off at MacUpdate Promo. The deal runs for two more days.

I’m close (still) to having the App Store version ready if you prefer to wait, but I keep running into new and unexpected issues with the sandboxing. I’ve received some generous help from the likes of Fletcher Penney, Daniel Jalkut, and others to whom I am grateful. I like the Mac developer community.

Huh, that went from lighthearted pseudo-defensiveness to an ad spiel. I see what I did there.