Marked 2.4.1 is out on the Mac App Store and available for download for direct customers. For non-MAS customers, automatic update will still be broken, but this is the last time! Once you have this version, automatic updates will begin working with the next release!

Download the latest version of Marked 2 here!

Here’s the full changelog, but the highlights are:


  • Allow print headers and footers to be specified per-document using MMD metadata
  • Allow HTML comments (<!-- -->) around all metadata for compatibility with other processors
  • Render Leanpub “X>” blocks (error, info, exercise, etc.)
  • Previews created with the URL handler (marked://preview?text=) can now have a window and id passed to create a transient window that can be updated by successive calls
  • Streaming preview (more on this soon)
  • Markdown Export - export Markdown results after processing includes and running any preprocessor


  • Fixes for image detection and permission requests (Scrivener and others)
  • Multi-column theme print fix
  • Don’t preserve newlines in GFM by default
  • Fix trailing # in ATX headers when using Discount

And of course, the new TextBundle format is supported, and there’s a suprise included that you’ll learn more about in the next week.

Download here, and enjoy!