I posted an update to the Marked Bonus Pack this afternoon. It includes a few fixes for stupid mistakes on my part, plus support for Emacs, both in the included instructions and in the “Open in Marked” System Service.

The Emacs support is courtesy of Barry and Donald Curtis (who also fixed some wackiness in my I-didn’t-sleep-enough scripting). Thanks, guys. Now that I’m awake, I should probably come up with a less lame moniker for the bundle, too. I’ll get there.

More information (and the download) is available on the support site and a direct download link is below.

Marked Bonus Pack v1.5

A collection of scripts, commands and bundles for Marked. Includes commands for TextMate, Sublime Text 2, (Mac)Vim and several System Services to work with any editor. Also includes scripts for compatibility with Scrivener, Evernote, MarsEdit and more.

Published 09/12/11.

Updated 09/12/11. Changelog

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