I know I’ve been quiet this week as I try to wrap up a lot of things and plan for a week in San Francisco during WWDC (I’ll be flying in tomorrow). I spent some time this weekend working on a new feature for the Mac App Store release of Marked 2 that I thought I’d show off. (It will, of course, be available in the non-MAS version, too).

It’s about bookmarking your document when reviewing. I was very unsatisfied with Marked’s current bookmarking capability. It’s not a highly-used feature, but why have it there at all if it’s going to suck, right? Most of my efforts in this next release have been related to popular requests, sandboxing and overall functionality improvements, but this one I just had to try. It’s easier to show…

YouTube Video

I’m looking forward to meeting up with as many people at WWDC as I can find time for, so don’t be shy about pinging me for coffee (etc.)! I’ll be writing for TUAW and podcasting, too, by the way, and I’ll let you know what I put up as the week goes on.