Marked 2.1 (793) just went live. Current users can use “Marked → Check for Updates,” and anyone else can download a trial version at

The biggest new feature, aside from redesigned Export and Keyword Highlight drawers, is the ability to ignore words when checking word repetition. You can edit a list of words to ignore in the Proofing preferences, but there’s an easier way:

When in the “Visualize Word Repetition” view (Control-Command-W), you can just Option-Click a highlighted word to ignore it temporarily (for the current document, and for as long as the the document is open). If you want to permanently ignore a word in all documents, use Shift-Option-Click to add it to the list in Preferences.

Ignored words added in this manner will automatically be stripped down to their “stem,” meaning that if you ignore “progressions,” it will add “progress” to the ignore words, thus picking up “progress,” “progressive,” “progression,” and “progressions.” It’s assumed that an ignored word is to be ignored regardless of its conjugation and pluralization. If you want to ignore just a specific instance of a word, you can edit the Proofing->Ignore Repeats panel directly.

The new drawer designs are updated to remove linen backgrounds and overly-rounded edges. The highlight key has also been removed from the document itself and added to the Keyword Highlight drawer (Command-Shift-K).

There’s also a fix for some issues viewing Scrivener documents. I’m working on a complete rewrite of that system that should alleviate any remaining issues. I love Scrivener and want to make the preview process as seamless as possible. Watch for more updates on that soon.

Check out the current version at!