Marked 2.3.3 is available for both direct and Mac App Store customers. Note that automatic updates for owners of the direct version are still broken due to some issues with sandboxing. This will be remedied in the near future, I just didn’t want to hold up this release while I sort it out. Download the version on the Marked 2 site and overwrite your current copy. Mac App Store users can update as usual, though it may take up to a couple more hours for the update to appear in the MAS for everybody.

This update brings some fixes and refinements, most notably a more humane preference panel.

I took some pains to reorganize the options and make panes in the preferences that felt less like impending doom. The panel also does a better job now of detecting whether you’ve actually changed any preferences and only refreshing open updates if it’s relevant.

The new stuff

Other new stuff includes:

  • Allow opening folders from “Open” dialogs
  • Expanded URL handler
  • Option to toggle whether page breaks can happen inside code blocks when printing or exporting to PDF

The fixed stuff

I also did some fixing-up:

  • Remove duplicate alternate words and fix whitespace
  • Fix for paths in nested includes to be relative to included parent
  • Fix for missing css and js when viewing html
  • Fix opening multiple files when dragged to icon

That second one might throw you off if you’ve been compensating for Marked’s previous behavior by making all of your include paths relative to the base document. You should now be able to include files based on their path from the included document, meaning:

  • includes subdir/
  • contains an image reference to subdir/images/image1.png
  •’s reference can be ![](images/image1.png)

Hopefully that makes sense. I’ve considered adding syntax to specify whether the path is relative to the current or base document in an include, but this seems intuitive enough to me without requiring extra characters. If you run into issues, please start a conversation at the support site.

About that support site

Also, regarding the support site, a few people have complained that I make it too difficult to lodge a complaint or request by not offering a direct email address. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that giving customers my email means a few things:

  • No one else can take part in the conversation
  • I cannot refer similar questions to previous threads
  • My inbox becomes unmanageable and support requests are lost

By opening a “ticket” at, you take care of all three problems. Once you start a ticket, you get responses via email and can reply to them without ever going to the website again. You can also easily make a conversation private if you want to share confidential information, so I don’t see any reason to stop using this type of setup.

Disagree? Please feel free to open a support ticket and tell me about it. Or if you’re really stubborn, yes, email me.

Check out Marked at, where you can find both a free trial and a link to the Mac App Store version.