I blogged about SETAPP recently, and am excited that they’ve announced the opening of the public beta. I have some extra tokens available that can guarantee you access to the limited beta. I’m having Killotron 3000 Giveaway Robot handle distribution, but pretty much anyone who adds their email can receive an access token.

My previous post was from a developer perspective, but users are the ones I think will benefit most from SETAPP. From the launch press release:

Setapp is a less risky and more flexible way to buy, sell and use Mac software, providing a better experience for both users and developers. Users pay $9.99 per month and get unlimited access to a handpicked collection of high-quality apps. Instead of paying for upgrades, expensive in-app purchases to unlock important product features, or freemium apps that ‘trick’ users into buying more later, users of Setapp get access to fully functional software with the latest updates delivered continuously in the background.

There are already some of the best apps for Mac in the lineup, including Ulysses, CodeRunner, Blogo, Marked 2, RapidWeaver 7, Eltima Player and Base. SETAPP plans to add up to 300 apps as the service gains momentum.

If you want to try out the early access, just sign up below. I’ll take signups for a couple of weeks but will email out batches of tokens regularly.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.