I’ve updated ScrivWatcher (a utility for previewing compiled Scrivener documents live in Marked) to 1.5. This version has better error handling and a progress bar showing compile progress. It’s still a droplet, you just drop onto the progress bar window instead of a drop pad, or drop a ‘.scriv’ file directly onto the icon.

For the command line savvy, the gist has been updated as well. Run it with “-h” to see all of the options. There’s even a progress bar in the terminal (default setting).

The big news, though, is that I have this working within Marked. The next version will be able to accept dropped Scrivener projects and provide a compiled preview that updates with changes from Scrivener. No external application needed! That release should be ready relatively soon, I’m putting out a beta for testing this week.

For now, here’s the latest (and probably last) version of ScrivWatcher:

ScrivWatcher v1.5

Watch a Scrivener project and preview it in Marked by dragging the .scriv file to this droplet.

Published 01/26/12.

Updated 01/26/12. Changelog

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