Fountain is released, works with Marked!

The next evolution of Screenplay Markdown (SPMD) is out, now part of a project called Fountain. It’s quite the collaborative effort:

Fountain comes from several sources. John August and Nima Yousefi developed Scrippets, which used simple markup to embed screenplay-formatted material in websites. Stu Maschwitz drafted a more extensive spec known as Screenplay Markdown or SPMD, designed for full-length screenplays.

Stu and John discovered that they were simultaneously working on similar text-based screenplay formats, and merged them into what you see here. Other contributors to the spec include Martin Vilcans, Brett Terpstra, Jonathan Poritsky, Kent Tessman, and Clinton Torres.

As did its predecessor, Fountain works great with Marked, thanks to hard work by Martin Vilcans (screenplain) and Jonathan Poritsky. Check it out on the Candler blog.

Brett Terpstra

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