Marked 2 2.4.8 is out for direct customers, and in review for the Mac App Store version. It features a long list of fixes for little quirks that have come up in Yosemite (as well as 2 big ones). It also adds OPML support (import and export) and an “Outline” mode for viewing iThoughtsX maps, OPML documents, and other outline formats. It has options for decimal and APA style lists.

You can also exclude elements from the word count and readability statistics, including any or all of block quotes, code blocks, and footnotes/citations.

For people who have asked if there was a way to turn off the square brackets around footnote numbers, there is now.

There’s even an x-success parameter on the url handler commands now, so you can return focus to any other application with its own url handler. Oh, and you can have “Validate all URLs” run in the background on every update, only popping up a dialog if it finds errors. Oh, and… (there’s a lot)

It will show up right now for current users (see Marked->Check for Updates), and should be available (relatively) soon for MAS customers, depending on review queue times. You can grab a free trial and see it in action at the Marked 2 website.