I just posted a minor update to the Marked Bonus Pack with a few bugfixes for the included Service and AppleScripts. The biggest fix is for the issue some people were having where running the Service would always open TextEdit. I was unable to replicate the problem, but I think I found a solution for it.

The Bonus Pack currently includes scripts and commands for interacting with Marked from TextMate, Sublime Text 2, Emacs and Vim, as well as a System Service and AppleScript for opening the current file from Byword, TextEdit, Notational Velocity/nvALT and a fallback for just about any AppleScript-able application.

Once everything is smoothed out to my satisfaction, the Service will likely be included as part of the Marked application, but for now it’s a separate download. The next version of Marked (1.3) is in final beta testing with a few Snow Leopard bugs left to squash. I should be submitting it to the Mac App Store within the week.

Version 1.3 updates to the latest MultiMarkdown build, adds Lion Fullscreen, opens any file extension, handles multiple custom styles, adds a few nice touches (including MathJax) to previews and more. I’m really excited about it, I just want to make sure that all of the new features don’t bring an equal number of new bugs with them.

One feature I’m especially excited about in 1.3 is the ability to watch a custom style’s CSS file in addition to the Markdown (or HTML) file you’re editing. Not only does this make creating custom styles much easier, it also opens Marked up to being to web designers what it already is to Markdown writers: a live preview for your HTML/CSS, no matter what editor you’re working in. HTML5/CSS3 compatibility combined with the custom processor (which can be set to run the file through Ruby or PHP, too) makes it a handy addition to a web development toolkit. I’m using it to design a revamp to the Marked website right now, in fact.

If you haven’t checked out Marked yet, take a look at the Marked website. I went overboard collecting all of the nice things people were writing and made the page pretty ugly with the press section, but I’m working that out right now. I promise.