Marked 2 is in the SuperStacked Mac Bundle, which is running right now. It includes 8 apps (including Marked 2), as well as The Big Stack Design Bundle, for $29.

The bundle actually includes a few things you might not already have (for once). If you’re looking to rearrange/redesign your home, Live Interior 3D is pretty cool, and FX Photo Studio is one of the better apps for adding tints, effects and more to your photos.

It includes several photo manipulation apps, actually, all of which are handy if you’re not a PhotoShop pro. It also includes Sparkbox, which I haven’t used much but is a good app for collecting screenshots and images.

The Big Stack Design Bundle is huge, with 4400 vectors, a couple thousand icons, and a ton of stock images (including 180 isolated images). That plus Marked alone (an SRP of $512) is, in my opinion (and mathematically), worth at least $29.

Even if you already have Marked, $29 is a good price for any two of these apps. Unless the only two you don’t already have are Focus 2 and ColorStrokes, which would be a combined value of $18. That would be highway robbery. Pick up the bundle at StackSocial.