Marked 2.4.11 is out in the updater for direct customers (MAS update coming, hopefully soon). It’s a leap forward in speed when analyzing text on large documents, fixes multiple bugs, and hopefully represents a significant improvement in stability for all customers.

There are a couple of new features, mostly invisible and related to normalizing results between the MultiMarkdown and Discount processors. I’m currently working on adding an improved feedback system that will allow me to spend less time asking users how their preferences are set up and more time helping to solve issues.

To celebrate what I think is a very solid update, you can purchase Marked 2 for $9.99 (normally $13.99) this month (March 2015). The discount is across the board, no coupon necessary. The price will be reflected on the Mac App Store when the new version finally gets approved.

Yes, it’s weird to have a celebratory sale for an incremental release, but I’m a weird developer.