Marked 1.4 Teaser

I’ve been working tirelessly on Marked since 5pm on Friday. I’ve wrapped up fixing almost all of the bugs I’ve created in this development cycle, so I’ve been sprucing things up. I especially needed to revamp the “Welcome” popup for Marked’s upcoming release. I ripped off the design idea1 because I’m too tired to come up with anything cool by myself today. Besides, I really dig the way it came out. All CSS3, all the time:

Out of all the coolness that’s been added in Marked 1.4, the Scrivener/mmd_merge/Leanpub integrations are my favorite. You can now drop a Scrivener project, an mmd_merge file or a Leanpub index file and get a full preview of your document or book. There’s also an all-purpose “include” syntax for both external files and code blocks. Page break syntax for printing, automatic syntax highlighting, an updated Github style, more keyboard commands, more polish. Oh, and I got “Scroll to first edit” working. I’ll keep you posted…

  1. Tutorial’s here.

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