Marked 1.4 Teaser

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I’ve been working tirelessly on Marked since 5pm on Friday. I’ve wrapped up fixing almost all of the bugs I’ve created in this development cycle, so I’ve been sprucing things up. I especially needed to revamp the “Welcome” popup for Marked’s upcoming release. I ripped off the design idea1 because I’m too tired to come up with anything cool by myself today. Besides, I really dig the way it came out. All CSS3, all the time:

Out of all the coolness that’s been added in Marked 1.4, the Scrivener/mmd_merge/Leanpub integrations are my favorite. You can now drop a Scrivener project, an mmd_merge file or a Leanpub index file and get a full preview of your document or book. There’s also an all-purpose “include” syntax for both external files and code blocks. Page break syntax for printing, automatic syntax highlighting, an updated Github style, more keyboard commands, more polish. Oh, and I got “Scroll to first edit” working. I’ll keep you posted…

  1. Tutorial’s here.