Marked's new iconJust a quick note here to let you know that Marked 1.3.1 has been approved and is up for sale in the App Store. If you’re not familiar with Marked yet, check out the Marked product site (recently updated!).

Marked 1.3.1 includes a few bugfixes but adds a surprising number of new features for an incremental version bump. See the changelog for a complete list, but here are the highlights:

  • new icon!
  • handles larger files
  • recognizes CSS: and Base Header Level: metadata
  • locates embedded scripts and includes them in the preview
  • more keyboard shortcuts
  • quick toggle for custom processor on a per-document basis.

If you’re already a Marked user, the update is in the Mac App Store right now. If you’re not, and you like the Markdown, you should probably check it out.