Marked 2.2 (811): one bit niftier

Marked 2.2 (811) is out as a free update for Marked 2 users (and available for download as a free trial). If you’re currently using Marked 2, just run MarkedCheck for Updates to get the latest version.

A full changelog history is now available in the Marked Help. It will be updated automatically with each release. If you’ve missed an update or two and skipped ahead, it’s a good way to catch some of the finer details.

This particular release isn’t huge, but there’s some cool stuff (especially custom fonts for print/PDF headers and footers). If you make use of collapsed sections (Preferences, Window, “Headers Collapse Sections”), you’ll enjoy the ability to Command-click in the table of contents to collapse and expand sections on the fly.

The full release notes:

New stuff

  • Allow custom font for Print/PDF headers and footers
  • Print borders below headers and/or above footers (optional)
  • Allow custom pre-processor when using Fountain
  • New Style: Grump (Command-9)
  • Option to hide success results when validating all links
  • If “Headlines Collapse Sections” is enabled in Window preferences, holding the Command key while clicking an item in the Table of Contents will toggle the collapse for that section


  • Clipboard Preview failed to open in editor after initial save
  • Maintain CriticMarkup tab when refreshing
  • Fix for «[include] in the first line of a file
  • If pre-processor returns empty output, skip it
  • Return proper error message for missing included code file (<<(filename))
  • Allow “~” in included raw file paths (<<{~/Desktop/filename})
  • Don’t allow multiple selections when adding Custom Styles
  • Github task items with nested paragraphs and code blocks are now handled correctly

Go get it!

Brett Terpstra

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