I wasn’t planning to do anything with Marked 2 for Black Friday this year. More than that, really, I was planning not to do anything. Then I went outside.

I ran a few errands. The co-op was deserted. The coffeehouses weren’t unusually packed. All of Winona’s historic downtown had a normal or sub-normal population. Then I went to the “Big Box” end of town for a single garage door opener battery. I may have PTSD (Post traumatic shopping disorder).

In light of these events, I’m offering you $3 to just stay home. Skip the consumerist orgy. Pour a glass of wine, put on some Bauhaus, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Lou Reed (or whatever the sad kids listen to these days), and just do some writing. Finish up that NaNoWriMo novel, do some blogging, catch up on project documentation, or just journal your Thanksgiving dinner as a potential therapy. Marked is good for all of that.

Here’s your coupon: STAYHOMEANDWRITE ($3 off the current $11.99 price of Marked 2). You can use it at checkout when purchasing the direct version. It’s good through Monday.

Don’t forget about the Productive Writer’s Bundle, either, which includes Marked, as well as Texts, WordCounter, and more at a fantastic price.