I’ve built Marked 2 to be a tool for professional writers. More than just a Markdown previewer, it boasts features for improving your writing and keeping track of advanced statistics. Marked works with Scrivener and Ulysses 3 too, showing you compiled versions of your complete document as you work, and seeing changes instantly as you make them.

To celebrate the upcoming NaNoWriMo, writers can get Marked 2 at $9.99 US (almost 30% off) off this month using the coupon GOGONANOWRIMO when purchasing from the website. It’s good all month. If you prefer to purchase the App Store version (same features), the price will be marked down for everybody there as well.

There’s a new version of Marked 2 in review with fixes for YAML header handling, Scrivener UTF-8/16 encoding issues, Custom Processor additional arguments, PDF output and more. There’s another one in the hopper after that with new features! All of these will be free upgrades available over the next couple of weeks.

If you want to try Marked 2 out free for a week, you can download a copy at marked2app.com. I’m also giving away five copies ($13.99 value) to lucky writers. Just submit your name and email below to enter. Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, October 8th at noon CST.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.