I’ve been spending way too much time documenting the new features in Marked 1.5. I thought I’d share some screenshots, though. No explanations, but if you watch closely you might see something you like. Feel free to hum along.

Update: Oh, what the heck. Here’s the current changelog. These Marked features are complete, but some may not make it into the final release, primarily depending on how sandboxing goes in the next week or two.


  • Proofreading mode, stops updates, allows annotation
    • Spell checking
    • Guess panel/grammar checking
    • Highlights/Annotations, exportable
  • Keyword highlighting
    • Live highlight common/overused phrases
    • regex/wildcard search for key phrase highlighting
    • Keyword drawer to easily add temporary keywords for highlighting while previewing
  • Advanced text stats with reading time
  • Option to quit after last window closes
  • Discount parser option
  • HTML preview improvements
    • Detect images in Markdown and HTML and watch for changes
    • Detect php include(‘file’)s and watch for changes
    • Detect JS and CSS in HTML files and add them to the watch list
  • More 3rd-Party app support
    • MarsEdit
    • VoodooPad preview current page
    • Preview clipboard
    • Watch any folder and preview the most recently changed file in that folder
  • Field to add additional arguments to custom processor
  • Export palette/Export additional file types
    • export DOCX or ODT
    • Improved RTF/RTFD export
    • Paginated PDF export option


  • Don’t add page break before first h1 when printing
  • CSS not being monitored
  • Recursion level limit for included files
  • Allow HTML comments around “Marked Style:” meta to prevent showing up on Github
  • BBEdit compatibility for Markup->Preview (“open location”)
  • Only reload preview on preference save/close instead of every time you change an option
  • Don’t interpret colons in the first line as metadata, even when there’s a line break
  • ... Terminator for removing YAML headers
  • Don’t download files to check headers when validating links
  • UI feedback for custom processor script usability
  • Vastly improved processing time on fenced code blocks
  • Ignore “Process as HTML” pref when using custom processor
  • Spitting out base-header-level and quote-style when using custom processor
  • brighten links in Upstanding inverse mode
  • Handle DOS newlines

The beta list is pretty much full, but if you really think you’d be a great beta tester, let me know.