Marked 1.4.1 just hit the App Store. It’s not the big next version I’ve been promising, but I went back and cleaned up a few things that really needed fixing in 1.4.

The biggest improvement for most users is going to be flawless handling of multiple fenced code blocks. No more choking. Also, for the same people for whom that will matter, the GitHub theme has been brought up-to-date with changes on GitHub.

You’ll also notice that Marked now shows up in “Open in” menus throughout the system. This will be handy with Ulysses 3, especially when working with “external sources.”

The “first diff” algorithm is updated to handle more tag types and cause less code breakage if it misses. There are even a few improvements for people using a retina display. Overall, it polishes up the 1.4 release nicely.

The next version of Marked is still in flux. It’s code complete, beta testers have had very positive feedback, and I can say “coming soon” without reservations. How and when, though, are still to be fully determined. I will definitely keep you posted. In the meantime, Marked 1.4.1 is ready for you!