Marked 2.2 (814) is out in the wild. There are a lot of improvements in this one. If you have it installed, just “Check for Updates” from the Marked menu. If not, this would be as good a time as any to try it out.

The biggest improvements have been to print headers and footers. I’m excited to finally be offering this capability and have been working to make it as polished as I can.

Headers and footers

My favorite improvement in this round is the option to skip headers and footers on the first page of a document when printing or creating PDFs. It really makes for nicer finished documents. Also, you can now use strftime tokens to control the output of the %date and %time variables in the headers. You can reconfigure what’s there, or use any of the available options to create the perfect date/time formats for your needs.

You can now specify a per-document header font using a MultiMarkdown metadata header. Putting Header Font: HelveticaNeueUltralight at the very top of a document will use Helvetica for the headers and footers when printing that document, regardless of your preference settings. In combination with the Custom Style: metadata feature, you can permanently set unique styles and header/footer combinations per document.

I also added a %path variable to the header/footer tokens. I’m not certain how many people need the filesystem path to their document in their headers and footers, but it was requested a couple of times and was an easy add.

Other improvements

In other news, “Scroll to Edit” now only scrolls when you’ve made a change to the target document, not when you hit Refresh manually or trigger a refresh by changing Preferences. A small change for most users, but I’m annoyed it took me this long to realize it was just common sense.

The Autoscroll feature now has a higher top speed and more increments for adjusting. If you never knew it was there, just hit “S” and then use Shift-Right/Left arrows to adjust the speed (see: Markdown Teleprompter). Also, hit “?” because if you missed that, there’s probably more for you to discover.

Word Repetition visualization now works for CriticMarkup’d documents, and the CriticMarkup word counts are further improved.


Lastly, there are more fixes and fine-tunings than I can list (notably, BBEdit’s markup preview works again). This is, in addition to being a pretty good feature update, a major bugfix release. Hopefully you never noticed some of the ones I’ve fixed. If you have any problems that aren’t covered in this release, be sure to drop me a line on the support site.

Again, grab the automatic update or download a copy. It’s waiting for you.