Marked, my Markdown previewer and writing tool, is now available on the Mac App Store. Both the direct version and the MAS version will be discounted to $9.99 for the first week as an “upgrade” price for anyone using the Marked 1 Mac App Store version.

Anyone who already has a Marked 2 license will receive the 2.3 upgrade for free. Version 2.3 represents a major upgrade for Marked 2, including full GitHub Flavored Markdown support, a multi-faceted URL Handler, advanced document navigation features, and much more. Automatic update will not work, you’ll need to download the new version directly (use the demo link, it will automatically be registered).

Important note: Marked 2.3 introduces sandboxing to both the MAS and the direct versions. This may cause documents you’ve opened before to require new permissions, but should be a pretty seamless transition. Also, the app name has changed to “Marked 2” in the Dock, and the bundle ID is now com.brettterpstra.marked2, for those using it in scripting.

Yosemite support is coming soon, but Marked 2 is not yet 10.10-compatible. If you need to download the previous version (which works on 10.10), use this link.

The nvALT “Preview in Marked” function will be broken until the next nvALT update (coming very soon). In the meantime, here’s a tip: Drop your nvALT notes folder onto the Marked 2 icon (assuming you store your notes as text files) and Marked 2 will automatically track changes to any file in that folder, automatically showing the most recently-updated file.

Here are some of the other new features:

  • Mini Map navigation with magnifier and fast scrolling
  • Bookmark based on proximity to nearest headline
  • Preserve bookmarks across refreshes and style changes
  • Keyword highlight navigation
  • Highlighted word counts
  • Count sentences in selection
  • Accepts a json array in metadata for custom processor arguments
  • Document reading progress bar
  • Improved PDF export stability
  • MathJax improvements
  • GitHub nested checkboxes and styling
  • Print speed improved

Go take advantage of the intro pricing (and on the Mac App Store) while it lasts (and be kind enough to leave a rating/review if you go the MAS route, please)!