About Brett

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I’m a coder, author and web developer. I left a good job with AOL Tech (Engadget, TUAW*, Joystiq*, Massively*) to pursue indie app development, blogging, writing, podcasting, and other things that I was staying up all night doing anyway.


I develop a Markdown previewer for Mac called Marked 2, and co-authored “60 Mountain Lion Tips” with David Sparks for the iBookstore and Vimeo. I’m currently working on a new app, podcasts, and maybe another book (it could happen).

I’ve been a speaker at Macworld, CMD-D, ALTWWDC, and a regular at Macstock. I occasionally write for MacStories and Lifehacker, and have contributed to TUAW, Macworld, and other tech/Mac blogs.

You can also listen in weekly as I chat with a broad range of guests on my podcast, Systematic (currently on hiatus), as well as my more eccentric (and often entertaining) conversations with Christina Warren on Overtired (with an admittedly irregular posting schedule). Both podcasts are now on the ESN network.

I can be found as “ttscoff” just about everywhere, including Twitter, Mastodon, and Github. See the icons above for everywhere else.


I’m available for one-on-one and group workflow consultations. I’m a handy guy to have on call when it comes to Mac questions, and I live to speed up (and automate) workflows.

To get started with a consultation, just contact me below. Pricing and estimates will be provided after our initial conversations.