About Brett

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I’m a coder, author and web developer. I left a good job with AOL Tech (Engadget, TUAW*, Joystiq*, Massively*) to pursue indie app development, blogging, writing, podcasting, and other things that I was staying up all night doing anyway.


I develop a Markdown previewer for Mac called Marked 2, and co-authored “60 Mountain Lion Tips” with David Sparks for the iBookstore and Vimeo. I’m currently working on a new app, podcasts, and maybe another book (it could happen).

I’ve been a speaker at Macworld, CMD-D, ALTWWDC, and a regular at Macstock. I occasionally write for MacStories and Lifehacker, and have contributed to TUAW, Macworld, and other tech/Mac blogs.

You can also listen in weekly as I chat with a broad range of guests on my podcast, Systematic, as well as my more eccentric (and often entertaining) conversations with Christina Warren on Overtired.

I can be found as “ttscoff” just about everywhere, including Twitter, Mastodon, and Github. See the icons above for everywhere else.


I’m available for one-on-one and group workflow consultations. I’m a handy guy to have on call when it comes to Mac questions, and I live to speed up (and automate) workflows.

To get started with a consultation, just contact me below. Pricing and estimates will be provided after our initial conversations.