Marked 2.2 (820)

I just published Marked 2.2 (820). Yes, it’s a rapid development cycle right now, but there are a couple of larger things in this release that I want to mention. You can find the full release changelog on the Marked 2 website.

  • MMD 4.5 with [%metadata] replacements
    • If you have MMD metadata at the top of your document, you can reference any key you create with [%keyname] (lowercased and without spaces) to have the value of the key inserted in place of the token.
  • Header labels are now generated with dashes (GitHub style)
    • This is an across-the-board change that hopefully won’t upset anybody. It will allow conformance with 99% of GitHub’s handling of headers (last 1% in the works).

      If you are manually generating links based on Marked’s auto-generated headers, this may cause some issues you need to fix. I haven’t figured out a way to toggle this easily yet, but will attempt to do that in the near future.

  • A new feature to highlight malformed/incomplete Markdown elements in the preview (^E / gear menu)

    • You can turn this to always-on-by-default in Window preferences, and still be able to toggle it per-document.

      If there are no errors in the document, it does nothing, so it’s safe to let it run all the time.

There are a couple of bugfixes and an array of refinements as well. I hope you get a chance to take a look. If you’re already a Marked 2 user, click “Marked → Check for Updates” to get the latest version.

P.S. There have been 3 updates to the “Create Marked Index” Service since I published it, and most of the bugs should be smoothed out now. My voice is almost back enough to do the screencast on Multi-File Documents in Marked, so watch for that soon.

Brett Terpstra

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