Marked 2.1 (build 771) was released this morning. The trial verison on the website has been updated, and current users can use Marked->Check for Updates if you don’t automatically receive the update notification. The update is free to all Marked 2 customers.

The 2.1 update includes several major fixes and adds rewritten and redesigned document statistics and word repetition features. For an overview of the new features, see the video I released previously.

The new features include:

  • Tooltips for Processor indicators in bottom bar
  • Zoom overview (type “z” while previewing)
  • Vastly improved Word Repetition Visualization feature
    • No overlay, highlights within main preview
    • zoom feature for overview
    • progress bar during calculation
    • document available during calculation (background processing)
    • keyboard navigation, highlighting, statistics work during visualization
    • Handle cyrillic and most UTF-16 characters in word repetition visualizer
  • Revamped and redesigned text statistics generation
    • background calculation, no blocking main window
    • Live changes to detailed stats (I)
    • Prettier detailed stats panel
    • Reading time calculation
  • GitHub task checkbox rendering

This release also fixes:

  • Highlight “words to avoid” only from start of word
  • Fix for BBEdit Markup->Preview issue (I think)
  • Fix for editing HTML comment at end of doc
  • Fix for missing code blocks in HTML export
  • Scroll-to-edit at 50% of window height

You can download a 7-day, full-featured trial at