I got an advance preview of the app Moviedo and I’ve been loving it. It was officially released today. If you love movies and keep lists of movies to watch, movies you’ve loved or any other collection of movies, this app is for you.

Moviedo sources from RottenTomatoes and iTunes and provides you a list of hot movies, as well as a search function that hasn’t failed me yet. From the main feed you can find synopses, ratings, reviews, links to trailers on YouTube and iTunes, and more.

Then, you can create iCloud-synced lists and add any movie you find to any of your lists. “To watch,” “Wedding movies,” “Brutal documentaries…” whatever kind of collection you need. Tapping a movie in a list gives you all the same information you had before, which helps people like me remember why they added a movie to that list to begin with. Movies in lists can be removed/checked off as you watch them (or decide that maybe it only looked good in certain impaired states).

You can quickly see if a movie is available on iTunes or Netflix, which is great for those of us who only stream movies these days. If you’re like my wife and I and spend a lot of time watching trailers of upcoming movies on your Apple TV, you can also get alerts when movies come out in theaters or become available to rent.

It’s a very flexible database application, specifically geared to movies and with a lot of features to back that up. It doesn’t try to be any more than that, though. It’s everything I want in a movie listing app, and nothing I don’t need.

Moviedo is currently free on the iTunes App Store. If you like movies, I highly recommend checking it out.