Marked 2.5.5 is out for direct customers and submitted to the Mac App Store for review. Barring any rejections, the MAS version should be available in about 3 days.

This version is mostly fixes1. The only new features are related to the Scrivener integration:

  • Marked 2 now recognizes base Meta-Data replacements in Scrivener documents, such as <$projecttitle> to insert the name of the project as defined in Meta-Data settings.
  • You can now place a page at the very beginning of the Drafts folder and title it “Metadata” to include MultiMarkdown-formatted meta keys and values. The result is that the page is compiled such that these will be recognized in the preview, even if “Include document titles as headers” is enabled.

A lot of the fixes are for lesser-known features. The most important fix is in the “Save HTML” feature, which was hanging when using a custom processor.

Other fixes include:

  • Mini map zoom (⌘-hover) blank when filename contains spaces or parenthesis
  • Continuous PDF export cut off at bottom if export width is 800 or less
  • Spellcheck (IAP) recognition of en_GB failing based on system settings
  • Include chart falling off left side of preview

Check Marked 2 out at If you write in Markdown, for anything from books to GitHub READMEs, it’s the most useful tool you could own.

  1. It should be version but the MAS only allows three integers in a version number, so it’s 2.5.5 on both.