Thanks to Clarify for sponsoring this week! I’ve been using Clarify for a long time, and I’m honored to have Blue Mango supporting this blog.

Clarify simplifies the process of documenting tasks—large or small—on your screen. With screen capture, annotation, and writing tools, as well as comprehensive export options, it’s a one-stop application for capturing, describing, and sharing documentation.

You may have heard about Clarify before and thought you didn’t need it—after all, much of what you can do in Clarify you can do in Pages or Word. But that’s like saying you don’t need OmniFocus because much of what you can do in OmniFocus can be done in iCal or a checklist app. You’d be sort of right… but mostly wrong.

Clarify makes it easier to create quick “how to” documents that work in Word, PDFs, Evernote, WordPress, Dropbox, or a standalone webpage. Just grab screenshots (which are automatically pulled into the Clarify document), mark them up with the built-in tools, and then add paragraph explanations. It all happens in one simple-to-use app.

This week Clarify is 50% off. Just head over to the Clarify store.

Clarify is fast, simple, and can be used to show anybody how to do anything. Seriously:

  • Use it to write a tech support article
  • Show a contractor what to do/fix
  • Explain to your parents how to make sure CrashPlan runs all the time
  • Write a “how to” blog post
  • Show a developer what’s broken

If you’re still not sure how Clarify fits into your life, check out these videos. The possibilities are endless, and for $15, it’s a no-brainer.