The sweet giveaways continue: ScreenFloat

ScreenFloat is another indispensible Mac utility from the author of Yoink. It allows you to capture any part of your screen and quickly turn it into a floating window that you can reference while you work in other applications. I use it frequently to grab specs from a web page while I’m writing about something, preventing me from having to switch back to the browser should my mind lose a bit of the information.

The latest version has full library features and support for pulling in images and text. It’s become a robust solution without growing obtrusive. Much like Yoink, it stays out of the way but is ready to save you hassle when you need it.

I’ve been using ScreenFloat for a few years now and I still consider it the best in class. That’s why I’m really happy that Matthias decided to offer seven ScreenFloat codes to give away to my readers.

Just fill in the form below to enter. Open to everybody (who has the ability to redeem a Mac App Store promo code, anyway). I’ll be drawing the winners right after I get back from San Francisco, so we’ll say 12:00PM CST on Sunday, June 8th.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.

Brett Terpstra

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