Together 3 from Reinvented Software is a really great app for organizing all kinds of files. I especially like that it can create references to files without having to import the originals, if you want. Fast search, great tagging, and it works well with plain text files to boot.

It doesn’t, however, do anything special with Markdown. Never fear, Marked fills the void nicely. You can just drag a text note from Together’s note list to the Marked icon in your Dock and Marked will preview the file as you go.

I don’t currently have a watcher worked out for Together, but you can make opening notes from Together quite easy with a little bit of AppleScript. Paste the script below into AppleScript editor and save it to “~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Together/Open Note in Marked.scpt”. Unless you’ve already been scripting Together, you’ll have to create that directory path (mind the capitalizations). Now you can use FastScripts, Alfred, Launchbar and more to quickly open the current note selection(s) in Marked with a keystroke or two.

Open Together Note in Marked.applescriptraw
tell application "Together 3"
	set _sel to selected items
	repeat with _note in _sel
		set _file to original filename of _note
		tell application "Marked" to open POSIX path of _file
	end repeat
end tell

If you haven’t seen Together, check it out. Same for Marked, of course.

P.S. Quite by coincidence (I wrote this post yesterday), Together’s non-App Store version is 50% off today (Monday, January 20th).