DevMate and Paddle are merging, and it’s great news for devs

MacPaw has announced that DevMate, their set of application developer tools, is merging with Paddle. This is exciting news, and a potential boon for any Mac developer.

I’ve used Paddle as the payment processor in Marked since the release of Marked 2 (and subsequent introduction to the non-MAS market) a few years ago. It’s been a great experience, especially since it’s so easy and seamless to implement. Since then they’ve added some excellent analytics and reporting tools to the SDK and dashboard. DevMate, on the other hand, has offered a more complete set of analytics, but they’ve relied on external services for payment processing. Combining these two is, as far as I can see, the best of both worlds, and makes the new platform a strong leader.

DevMate is continuing to be DevMate, but all of its features will be integrated into Paddle. DevMate users can choose to switch to Paddle and maintain all of their tools, plus get Paddle’s slick payment and licensing options. History with both services makes me confident that the tools provided to developers for integration will be simple, flexible, and easy to integrate. There’s a FAQ on the DevMate blog geared toward current users that answers a lot of questions.

Brett Terpstra

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