Geeky cufflinksIf you’re using Dropzone (and why wouldn’t you be?), I updated my LinkSmasher destination recently.

You can drop text on it (or just click it to use the clipboard) and it will scan for any links in the text, compile them and create a single link for the group using It’s a handy way to share a list of urls and allow the recipient to open them all at once (and works really well with TabLinks for sharing an entire browsing session). If there’s only one URL in the text, it will just shorten it with and return the result in your clipboard.

I’d really like to get this working with collections, but I haven’t checked lately to see if they’ve added that to the API. If I get around to it, and they did, that will be next up for this little project.

You can find all contributed Dropzone Destinations on Github (direct link to LinkSmasher). Install Destinations by saving the script to a file in ~/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Destination Scripts with a .dropzone extension, then add a new destination in Dropzone preferences and it will be an option.