Links of interest from November 19, 2012 through November 26, 2012:

Fountain for Sublime Text 2
Sublime Text 2 support for the Fountain screenwriting language. Coming along nicely.
Fountain for Sublime Text - Dan Sturm
Dan Sturm’s mod of @poritsky’s Fountain package for Sublime (above).
Notesdeck for Dropbox, Evernote and Simplenote
This looks pretty amazing, though I haven’t tried it yet. iOS version available as well. Update: testing right now, I’ll let you know.
A script for quickly adding reminders to the Reminders app in Mountain Lion
I was playing with my own LaunchBar script for when I found this one. It’s pretty awesome.
Improved version of JavaScript fix for the iOS viewport scaling bug
Works like a champ. If you’re doing responsive design, this is handy. The zoom bug was fixed in iOS 6, but you’ll need to deal with iOS 5 (and below) users for a while.