Dynamic placeholder images, now with kittens

KITTEH 300x250Thanks to Michael Jones for brightening an otherwise dull day for me. He pointed me to placekitten, a site that mimics placehold.it and inserts dummy images into HTML mockups for you. The difference being that placekitten does it with pictures of, yes, kittens.

While you might not ever show a design filled with kittens to the average client, you can keep yourself feeling warm and fuzzy while you code out the details. You were going to put the client’s images into those placeholders anyway, right?

For whatever you’d actually use it for, I threw snippets into the Tools group (started here) in my TextExpander snippets. If you’re curious, just install them from my TextExpander project page, or update your existing group if you’ve installed via the urls.

For reference, the snippet is simply this:

<img src="http://placekitten.com/g/%fill:width%/%fill:height%" alt="KITTEH %fill:width%x%fill:height%" width="%fill:width%" height="%fill:height%" />

The g/ in there makes it greyscale, just pull it out of the url to make it color instead. Both versions are in the Tools snippets.

Hey, lighten up. Try some kittens.

Brett Terpstra

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