loremipscream logoIt turns out it was me that was broken, not the Loremipscream API. That API can return just plain text, so the shell scripts are much more readable than trying to hack apart XML in Bash. You can get a list of “flavors” from the website, or just curl "http://loremipscream.com/flavors.xml" from the command line. That will also give you the slugs you need to use when calling them.

_why’s Chunky Bacon1 is nice, and Sailing Three Tuesdays2 (whose slug is “emo,” appropriately) is hilarious. There’s even one (Soylent Cream) which spits out fake identities3, and there are German and Czech flavors, too. Try them out on the website and then just paste a line like this in a TextExpander snippet set to “Shell Command”:

curl "http://loremipscream.com/flavors/chunky_bacon/serving.txt"

That will spit out a nice, small chunk of random text in your preferred flavor. Of course, you could always make a few different snippets to suit any mood. For reference, here’s the API info, and here are the available flavors and their slugs:

```xml Vanilla vanilla Mint Chocolate Czech mint Sailing Three Tuesdays emo Soylent Cream soylent Texas Toast toast German Chocolate chocolate Chunky Bacon chunky_bacon Neapolitician neapolitician ```

I should also take the opportunity to mention another cool take on the “greeking” text idea: Kwisatz Haderach, which my friend (and TUAW blogger) Kelly Guimont has been contributing to. Have a look, it’s fun stuff. You can always make non-random TextExpander snippets out of whatever is going to be the most useful to you. Assuming Lorem Ipsum is useful to you, which is probably a poor assumption to make. I think we’ll both survive this, though.

If you haven’t seen my last TextExpander bonanza, check it out to see what else it can do. That one includes some good static Lipsum snippets and HTML Lipsum, amongst some neat tricks. I’ve posted a few other TextExpander experiments, some more useful than others. Have a look, see if anything helps you out!

Cause we know if this emptiness is called love, I dont know what I wanna do.
Cause we know the answer.
Cause we hope you like what I have to take.
Vengeance in his brain.
When they are lame no authority.
She is the party next door.

Valerie Wright
99 Squier Road
Bryant, AR 72089

  1. Chunky Bacon: But I have ever seen, and Invernoire Fantome reminds me a random password. I dont quite remember the visionary machine-coddling antics of Temple Grandin. Shibata-sans site is a company which specializes in belgian waffles and fun fun fun pictures. These guys shot a couple more, if youre Japanese. 

  2. Sailing Three Thursdays: 

  3. Soylent Cream: