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Ok, this is the last TextExpander Lipsum post, I promise (with my fingers crossed). I’m posting a full TextExpander group with all of the TextExpander random Lorem Ipsum generators I’ve posted so far (, LoremIpscream), plus some new ones based on the Kwisatz Haderach1 generator. That one seemed to make a few people pretty happy (looking at MacSparky). It combines word lists from various “universes,” including Dune, Foundation, Ringworld, Harry Potter and Doctor Who (Doctor Who courtesy of the always-fabulous Kelly Guimont).

Here’s a sample snippet of Kwisatz Haderach text:

Grim Dark Liz Shaw remembrall crysknife mentat River Song gillyweed Zensunni Astrid Peth science fiction. Filt Plug ayat bi-la kaifa Polly Wright Gringotts. Suk Mahdi Gamont Rani guild Peri Brown Siona Cthalctose bludger mish mish. Basilisk travel Hufflepuff solari mentat Shadout Mapes ibad. Caid Tractite specials Chula Ian Chesterton Jal Karath inkvine Atraxi gom jabbar karama Killoran Shai Hulud musky Lords Of Jelsen.

The Kwisatz Haderach set I threw together for TextExpander is multi-faceted, and includes some HTML versions of the snippets, which are of more use to web designers than just plain text. There are snippets for one, two and three paragraphs of Kwisatz text, and versions of the same which include <p> tags. There are also short and long HTML list generators for both ordered (<ol>) and unordered (<ul>) lists. To avoid the pains of parsing HTML in the shell (KH doesn’t currently have an API), they’re Ruby-based. I’m not going to post the code here, just download the package below. TextExpander users can just expand the archive and double click the .textexpander file to install it. If you want the raw code for something else, just contact me.

The scripts are easily editable to change the number of paragraphs and minimum words per paragraph, as well as the number of items in the lists, by using the variables at the top of the scripts. They should be pretty self explanatory, just replace the existing numbers with your preferred quantities.


Random Lipsums for TextExpander v1

All of the random Lorem Ipsum generators for TextExpander that I've put together so far, including LoremIpscream, Kwisatz Haderach and generators.

Published 02/04/11.

Updated 02/04/11. Changelog

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  1. It’s a Dune reference, in case you’re not a Frank Herbert devotee.