I know a lot of people are growing nervous about whether the promised version 1.0.8 of nvALT is actually going to reach fruition. It will. I’m not sure how much further I’ll take this incarnation of the project after that–the roadmap may be shifted to a new project–but I’ll follow through with the updates I’ve planned for the upcoming release.

I’ve spoken (twittered) very briefly with ElasticThreads about combining forces on a hybrid version of our forks, and I think that would be a great idea. I’ll update more on that when we get a little further in the conversation. Depending on how quickly we could pull that together, it may supersede my current release plans.

At the point where the latest release of the main Notational Velocity was released, I had v1.0.8 at a point where it incorporated 90% of my planned features. However, the changes to the trunk were significant and highly desirable in my fork, so I began merging them together. Then, I decided to reverse tracks and work from the new main source, adding my features back in. That slowed me down, and now I’ve been traveling and working more than usual, so release has been delayed. Work has to come first!

I’ll be updating again soon. In the meantime, I do have a version of 1.0.8b that incorporates my changes prior to the NV update and uses a separate preferences and database file. I will post that here as an interim update in the next week. It allows you to run the new version of NV and nvALT on the same system. It also incorporates the Readability and Markdownify features I promised for URL import. More details when I post the download.

So, in short, sit tight. I haven’t abandoned the project!