TextExpander and Lorem Ingsoc in Wonderland


I’ve updated the Random Lipsums group in the TextExpander Tools. Again. I removed some services that weren’t working any more, and expanded some of the other tools. The biggest new addition is a Random Markdown generator, complete with tables, definition lists, footnotes and more. It’s perfect for testing stylesheets and, if you happen to develop a Markdown preview app, it’s also perfect for testing various processors. There are also versions included in the snippet group that include Maruku for going straight to HTML.

The two versions of the snippets are based on Alice in Wonderland and 1984 (quite hilarious when mixed together1), using the raingrams Ruby gem to slice and dice local text files. You can grab a copy of the source files I use, or find your own substitutes at Project Gutenberg. The two text files need to be located in a “words” directory off of your home folder (~/words/inputtext.txt and ~/words/alice.txt).

To install raingrams and maruku, type this in Terminal:

sudo gem install raingrams maruku

It should install for you without issue. Once that successfully completes and you have the text files in place, the Snippets will generate random and often hilarious text for you.

Here’s the script (Mavericks-compatible), which can also be used as a standalone for creating text with a Service or from the command line. It’s a little brute force in some areas, but it’s dependable.

Pick up the TextExpander version on the TE-Snippets page and see what else is available on the TextExpander Tools project page.

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