Links of interest from February 22 through February 23:

Stickto’s - Organization for people who love Moleskines
A dynamic todo solution for Moleskins. A little silly, a little awesome.
Command-line CSS spriting / Stoyan’s
Not the most bulletproof spriting method, but I love the curl command for using Smushit from the command line.
HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques That Will Keep You Busy - Noupe Design Blog
More HTML5 tutorials than you have time to read, unless that’s all you happen to be doing lately. Some great stuff.
A List Apart: Articles: Rapid Prototyping with Sinatra
Interesting idea, especially now that I’m finally developing with Rails.
The Art of the Facebook Page Design
I hate Facebook right now, but I have this sinking feeling that I’ll eventually have to design one of these. Should probably start collecting resources.
Sending Tasks to Omnifocus from Dropbox and Simplenote
Great AppleScript from Gabe at Macdrifter.