Here’s a quick bookmarklet you can run on any Pinboard page containing a list of bookmarks. It adds a “Read” link at the end of the edit links for each post, and clicking the link will open the post in Instapaper Text1 view in a new page/tab. It also marks the post you click as “read.” Note that this happens whether you have that specified in the preferences or not (because it’s a quick hack and I think it’s weird to not mark an article as read when you read it).

Just drag the link below into your bookmarks bar or right click and “Add Bookmark”. No promises, no guarantees, very little support. I love you all, but this is just something I wanted last night and it works for me. Hopefully it will for you, too.

Pinboard Instapaper

Also, here’s a quick side experiment which does the same thing, but uses an experiment I set up on my server to run Readability and pipe it into an Antique-style page. It’s not as fast, and sometimes misses things that Instapaper Text picks up, so it’s just for fun right now. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool. Looks best in Safari. Looks good in Firefox. Probably looks like garbage on IE.

Pinboard Antique
  1. See here (near the bottom) for the original bookmarklet