Web excursions: January 3 - January 4

Links of interest from January 3 through January 4:

I wasn’t at this wedding, but my friend (and awesome photographer) Peter Boysen was, and he captured this moment. If you look at it for a while, you can see a good 5-minute story in one frame.
Site-Specific Email Addresses
Some smart email/GMail tips from TUAW’s TJ Luoma.
Markdown Primer - TUAW
TUAW mentions Markdown often enough that we thought we should have our own “Intro to Markdown” we could point people to.
Advanced SimpleNote: Collaborating, Blog posts, and Advanced Applications
Collaborative note editing tips, and a good bit on Scrivener with Notational Velocity. Cool stuff, and the post was written in nvALT!
scottjacksonx/mobile-dl - GitHub
A roll-your-own Instapaper for rich media, using SimpleNote and some scripting.
WordPress As Riskiest Web Software In 2010
“Un-patched anything is going to be attacked.” Dead on, especially the last paragraph.
jlbfalcao/js-beautify-v8.tmbundle - GitHub
v8 jsbeautify bundle for TextMate. Has a few dependencies to install, but there are brew formulas for everything. Nice.
Head JS :: The only script in your HEAD
Another parallel javascript loader. Looks pretty good, I’ll give it a shot on my next web app project.
gfxmonk/python-readability - GitHub
A very good port of Arc90’s Readability in Python. Pipe this through html2text and you can pull the main content of any well-formed page as a Markdown note. nvALT importer? Yes.
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