A Spillo bookmarklet

I’ve spent my free time the last few days playing with Übersicht, but I found enough time to try out Spillo. It’s a new Pinboard client for Mac, and it’s not bad at all.

This isn’t a review, though. This is just a little helper for people who might also be using (or playing with) Spillo.

My first wish was that it had a menubar-only mode. Just an icon in the menu bar and a hotkey to show the window or create a bookmark. You can close the window and use the bookmark creator without activating the app, though, so I let it go.

Then I looked at browser integration and found that they only offered extensions, not bookmarklets. The extensions only launch a prepopulated “Add Bookmark” window from the app. If they offered a popup with search, tagging, etc., within the browser, I’d be fine with it. But for this, I’d rather have a bookmarklet that I can assign to a hotkey and customize as needed.

I dug apart the Safari extension and figured out the URL scheme. Then I just added the ability to use text selected on the page to populate the description, with a fallback to the meta description for the page (the extension’s default).

Here’s the result. If you use Spillo (and you should check it out), I imagine you’ll find it useful.

Just drag the bookmarklet above to your bookmarks bar and go!

Brett Terpstra

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