Sideshow (previously Sidecar) is a minimalist-yet-oversized jacket for Simplify. Feel free to hack around with it, the source is available on GitHub.


Sideshow calculates screen size to provide a full-height jacket on any display. The width of the player, font sizes, etc. will all adjust to provide a fairly uniform experience across display sizes and types.

It calculates the length of the text for the artist and title displays, adapting the placements to show as much of possible of both.

  • Click anywhere on the jacket to toggle play/pause
  • Shift-click to skip to the next track
  • Command-click anywhere along the progress meter to set the play position
  • When hovering over the jacket, controls appear for previous track, play/pause, and next track

Here’s a slightly older video of (previous version, Sidecar) in action.

YouTube Video


Sideshow 3.0+ requires Simplify 3.4+.

Sideshow v3.0

An adaptive full-screen jacket for Simplify 3.0+.

Updated Tue Aug 29 2017.

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Previous versions

Version 2.0+ only works with Simplify 2.7+. An even older version of the download is available here if for some reason you’re not updating Simplify.

Sidecar v2.1

A jacket for Simplify 2.7+ and 27-inch (2560x1440) monitors. More sizes coming soon.

Updated Mon Jun 17 2013.

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Also available, Sidecar13 for 13” displays:

Sidecar13 v1.0

A 13-inch version of the Sidecar jacket for Simplify.

Updated Sat Oct 12 2013.

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