It turns out I like Sidecar (my new jacket for Simplify) enough to keep playing with it a little. I present version 1.2 for your review.

It’s not huge, but includes:

  • An even smoother progress bar animation
  • Click anywhere on the widget for play/pause toggle
  • Minor opacity/appearance tweaks
  • Spacing issues on artist/title fixed
  • Fade out/in artist/title on track change

I hope you enjoy it. I think the next step is probably color variations, but we’ll see. The good folks at Simplify have contacted me about some updates that sound like they’ll open some new rabbit holes for me…

Sidecar v2.1

A jacket for Simplify 2.7+ and 27-inch (2560x1440) monitors. More sizes coming soon.

Published 06/17/13.

Updated 06/17/13. Changelog

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