Simplify 2.7 is out and Sidecar has updated to make use of the new API. The biggest improvement you’ll notice is that background clicks are now captured perfectly, so clicking anywhere on Sidecar will start and stop your music properly on the first click. Double-clicking advances the track, and Command-clicking seeks to a position in the song based on where you click in the vertical progress meter.

Sidecar is now fixed to the left side of your screen automatically. It has a little trouble if you attach and detach different size monitors. Given its form factor, I don’t think many people are sliding around much, but I may add a right-aligned variation. I will also still be adding the ability to scale to multiple screen sizes. Soon!

If you need the older version of Sidecar for backwards compatibility, you can find it on the project page.

Sidecar v2.1

A jacket for Simplify 2.7+ and 27-inch (2560x1440) monitors. More sizes coming soon.

Published 06/17/13.

Updated 06/17/13. Changelog

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