Bunch 1.4.8 was officially released this morning. It consists entirely of bug fixes that have been going through beta testing for a while now. Nothing groundbreaking, but some stuff that you probably didn’t know wasn’t working1 is now working.

Some variable handling stuff:

  • Variable keys passed from URL handler were running into case sensitivity issues
  • Variables defined in a snippet call file line now work with conditional logic within the snippet (if var...)

Tagging stuff:

  • When launching or quitting Bunches based on tags, %\tag was not ignoring the action on close
  • Don’t inherit tags when nesting Bunches

Some general fixes:

  • Allow retries when sending AppleScript commands for things like Hide Desktop and Hide Dock
  • Ensure relaunch of Finder after hiding/showing desktop icons
  • Modifier key mismatch in Select Editor tooltip

Grab the latest version from the download page (or just use Bunch->Check for Updates). Please keep the bug reports coming, and feel free to join the discussions if there are features you’d like to see.

  1. Because they mostly relate to obscure features that, statistically, you likely don’t know exist.