Just a quick note to let you know that there are new versions of Marked and Bunch Beta with some fixes for Sonoma.

The Marked update is live for direct customers, and in review for Setapp and Mac App Store customers. Watch for updates on your channel. It fixes an issue that prevented Marked from opening any files on Sonoma, and also crashes when using with Drafts’ or Bear’s “Preview in Marked” features. It should solve the issue for all versions of macOS.

The Bunch update is specifically to fix modifier keys not working when clicking Bunches in the menu. E.g. you’re supposed to be able to Cmd-Click a Bunch and open the text file in your editor of choice instead of launching it, and this wasn’t working anymore. The current release of the Beta should solve it. I would love some feedback on whether it’s working for you on Sonoma, and additionally whether I broke it for people on earlier versions of macOS. If the fix is solid, I’ll release it to the main channel. You can download the beta on the Downloads page.

Thanks for any feedback!