I’ve released an update to Bunch (v1.2.9) that all current users will appreciate.

The universal change is related to some beachballing that would happen any time you quit a bunch. It turned out to be the AppleScript I use to save and restore desktop wallpaper. I made this routine only run when the Bunch actually has any commands that modify the wallpaper, and made it faster when it does run. So you should see a lot less “spinning” when launching and quitting Bunches.

Secondly, I added a syntax for specifying a delay. You just add a tilde (~) immediately followed by an integer at the end of any app, script, or command line. So to have an AppleScript command delay by five seconds, you would use:

* say "I've been waiting" ~5

The delay only affects the current line, and things after it in the Bunch won’t wait for it to complete. I played with adding a full pause command, but Bunch is very asynchronous when it launches everything, and it would be an inefficient refactoring to make that work.

Lastly, new Big Sur-style icon.

CLI Update

In related news, the Bunch CLI is now a gem and can be installed with gem install bunchcli. Once it’s installed, just run bunch -h for an overview of commands.

The update is available for current users under Bunch->Check for Updates. Learn more about Bunch and download the latest release on the project page.