Bunch gets its own URL scheme

Yeah, this has become my morning habit. Make coffee, add something to Bunch. If you haven’t been following, Bunch is my batch application launcher for the Dock that I wrote way back on Tuesday of this week. As of today, it’s not just for your Dock anymore.

Bunch now has a url scheme. This means that a link like x-bunch://open?bunch=My%20Bunch will run your “My Bunch.bunch” instantly. You can run them from scripts with open "x-bunch://open?bunch=...", embed them in links, or use them in apps that allow url handlers as extensions. You can also use them in BetterTouchTool or Keyboard Maestro to put bunches on a hotkey. Note that Bunch can’t currently run Bunches if you call the URL while it’s not running. It will launch, but you’ll need to have it running to actually trigger a bunch via the url handler.

The x-bunch handler is case insensitive (“my bunch” works as well as “My Bunch”). It also has a shorthand version because there’s only one method on it (open): x-bunch://My%20Bunch. Just the scheme and the name of the bunch is all you actually need.

Oh, and by the way, you can change the location of your Bunches folder to anywhere you like now. Just choose “Change Bunches Folder” from the Dock menu and select a new folder. Maybe one on Dropbox so you can sync your bunches…

I think these add a little extra utility to my little utility. Download (and documentation) on the project page. Enjoy.

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Brett Terpstra

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