Bunch 1.4.6 is out now for automatic update (Bunch->Check for Updates) and for download. It’s been in beta for a couple months, and I’ve added some cool new stuff in the process. See the changelog for a full list of new features, fixes, and improvements.

First, I got a bunch of requests for a feature that would quit all open apps, so I’ve added a (quit everything) command. It will quit all apps that appear in the Dock, leaving menu bar apps alone. You can add exceptions by running (quit everything except iTerm, nvUltra). (It also accepts a variety of syntax such as (kill all) and (burn everything), just for fun.)

I got a couple of special requests for new frontmatter keys. You can now use title prefix: to add a prefix to a Bunch’s menu item title, which is handy because you can apply it to multiple Bunches using folder.frontmatter or @tag.frontmatter. Tag some Bunches with tags: work and then create @work.frontmatter in your Bunch folder containing a title prefix: 💼 and all of your work Bunches will get a briefcase icon before their title in the menu.

There’s also an ignore if: key (with ignore unless: counterpart) that will hide a specific Bunch/folder/tag from the menu based on logic. It can be a UUID string or any logic condition. By the way, all if/unless keys now accept any logic conditions Bunch can handle.

There’s also a couple of new logic conditions: file PATH exists and file PATH contains, which replaces the old trigger file functionality. Now you can perform actions based on whether any file exists, and if it’s a text file, you can test whether it contains a string.

Get the latest version on the downloads page. Enjoy!